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Jordan Moray Missing, Police Reveal Contents Of Handwritten Letter

Jordan Moray Missing, Police Reveal Contents Of Handwritten Letter

Jordan Moray Missing – A guy who was last seen in Wales more than four years ago has been the subject of recent revelations that provide more information that may be of aid in identifying him. These revelations have been brought to light as a result of the disappearance of the individual.

Jordan Moray, who was 32 years old when he disappeared from his house in Aberdare on July 24, 2019, has not been located despite the substantial efforts that have been made to locate him since then. There have been no reports of him since then.

The door to the formerly professional boxer’s apartment was left unsecured, but despite this, both his video game console and his mobile phone continued to function normally and charge. It has been three and a half years since Jordan was last seen, and the South Wales Police have conducted several searches and investigations, but no one is aware of his whereabouts.

There is no evidence that anyone is still alive, there has been no exchange of money, and there has been no communication with any other individuals. A handwritten note was handed over to the police three months into their investigation into Jordan’s disappearance. In an episode of the new series Vanished: The Hunt for Britain’s Missing People on Channel Five, the police disclosed the contents of the note.

The note was delivered to the police three months into the inquiry. During the time when investigators were probing into Jordan’s disappearance, the letter was delivered to the force. Up until this time, the information contained in the strange letter had been kept from the eyes of the general public.