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Jordan Cashmyer Obituary, Jordan Cashmyer has unexpectedly passed away Death cause

Jordan Cashmyer Obituary – After more than a month has gone since the news of “16 and Pregnant” actress Jordan Cashmyer’s passing was originally publicized, the reason for her passing has been determined. On Tuesday, the Maryland Department of Health came to the conclusion that her death was caused by fentanyl and cocaine intoxication as the principal contributing factors. This decision was made after conducting an autopsy.

It is not possible to say with absolute confidence whether or not an accident was the cause of her death because we do not yet know the circumstances that surrounded her departure. Jordan went away on January 16; he had been in this world for 26 years at the time of his demise. In the episode of “16 and Pregnant” that was shown in 2014, she made an appearance alongside her family, which featured her ex-boyfriend Derek Taylor and the couple’s daughter Genevieve “Evie” Shae Taylor.

The episode was filmed in 2014. As a parent myself, I am well aware that there may come a time when you may feel as like you are being forced to give up custody of your child. This is something that I am well aware of. This is an inevitable stage along the path of becoming a parent. Don’t. That is the same as convicting someone of murder and awarding them a death sentence. They have caused me emotional distress in a myriad of ways through their actions.

Do not place your child in a position where they must confront the dangers of addiction all by themselves by putting them in such a position. They have no chance of survival and there is no alternative solution that can save them.