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John Violet Obituary, Former Belmont Mayor Charles Stone City Treasurer Has Sadly Passed Away

John Violet Obituary, Death – Belmont will miss this giant. After a long and successful career as a husband, parent, friend, mentor, councillor, city treasurer, BRSSD School Board president and trustee, and member of too many oversight committees, John Violet died recently. He was on countless advisory panels. John’s love for his family, community, and country motivated us.

When I ran for council in 2013, my great friend Eric Reed organized our first meeting. He insisted I meet John. Our meeting seems like yesterday. John instilled awe in me within 15 minutes, not because of everything he had done for Belmont, but because he had served our town for decades without bitterness or exhaustion. John served our town for decades without hostility or exhaustion, which inspired me.

He was brilliant, giving, and kind. He knew more about Belmont’s financial situation than anyone else I’d met. Before starting anything substantial, John called me to “check in” and evaluate our progress. He phoned me and the family occasionally. If he had concerns, he would ask questions but never deny support. He understood we shared Belmont’s future vision and his enthusiasm for the community.

We shared wins and losses. John’s support sweetened triumph and defeat. Most of you know that John suffered a catastrophe no parent should have to endure. Dad taught me many things about politics, institutional knowledge, and wisdom, including how to avoid bitterness and cynicism after great loss and sorrow. I’m forever grateful. John Violet was the best friend, politician, and gentleman. He’ll always be part of Belmont, but we’ll never be able to express our gratitude. My condolences to Marie and his family. Peace always.