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John Rainey Obituary, Omagh Accies RFC Past President Has Sadly Passed Away

John Rainey Obituary, Death – We just found out that the legendary John Rainey, who was one of the most colorful people in our Club, has left us, and the news has left us with a dreadful sense of sadness. John was one of the most colorful characters in our Club. The news has left us with an overwhelming feeling of betrayal and grief. As a consequence of his departure, we are going to undergo a

significant amount of loss. John was a former player, worked as a groundsman for a significant amount of time, served as a prior president of the organization, and was one of our most enthusiastic supporters, along with his wife Margaret. John also served as president of the organization at one point in the past. In addition to that, John was the president of the organization at one point in time. In addition, John spent a considerable chunk of his life working as a groundsman. This occupation lasted for many years.

Next Sunday is going to be the day that we will be holding the funeral services for John. It was on Wednesday that he took his last breath. Tomorrow, before we play our final game in the League, which will be here at home against Bruff, there will be a moment of silence observed as a token of respect for those who have passed away. This will be done in memory of those who have passed away. As a mark of

respect for those who have passed away, this act of observance shall be carried out. This is being done in their memory as an act of respect for individuals who have passed away in the past. We are keeping everyone in the Rainey family in our thoughts and prayers as they work through the difficulties that they are now experiencing at this challenging time. We know that they will get through this.

Because we understand how challenging this time must be for them, our thoughts and prayers are with them during this trying period. I pray that God would provide you his complete peace, which is a peace that is beyond all comprehension. John, please accept my prayers in this regard.