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John Masciarelli Obituary, dies from’medical episode’ after Mansfield vehicle crash

John Masciarelli Obituary, Death- An old man was involved in a car accident early on Saturday morning in the city of Mansfield, which led to a medical emergency that ultimately resulted in his passing at the age of 80. The occurrence took occurred around 8:30 in the morning in the area surrounding Mansfield High School.

When the police came, they saw two damaged automobiles: one was a Toyota Corolla that belonged to the Teacher’s Driving Academy, and the other was a Ford Explorer. One of the damaged vehicles belonged to the Teacher’s Driving Academy. Immediately following the collision, John Masciarelli, 80, who was a passenger in the rear seat of the Explorer, experienced what the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office referred to as a “medical episode.”

In spite of the fact that the staff at Good Samaritan Hospital attempted to conduct “life-saving measures” on him while he was being carried there by Mansfield Emergency Medical Services, he was ultimately pronounced dead at the hospital and his death was recorded there. It is unknown whether or not the accident was the direct cause of the occurrence. After the crash, the driver of the Explorer was taken to Sturdy Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries and was treated there.

Both the teenage driver, who was a passenger in the Corolla, and the adult driver, who was a road test agent with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, were brought to Good Samaritan Hospital with injuries that were not considered to be life-threatening. The teenage driver was a passenger in the Corolla. The driver was given a ticket because he or she was responsible for causing the accident by failing to yield to oncoming traffic, which was the root of the problem that led to the collision. The investigation into what happened is still going on at this moment.