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John Lowris Obituary, John Lowris, Has Died - Death Cause

John Lowris Obituary, John Lowris, Has Died – Death Cause

John Lowris Obituary, Death – Now that it has been placed on other people’s pages, and the news has spread, it has been determined that Jon Lowris has been discovered, although it is extremely unfortunate that he has passed away. We ask that you pray for his son, his family, his fiancée, his friends, and all of the animals that he has left behind. Regrettably, we do not have someone to whom we can send a message asking about the identity of random snakes that we come across, but we will forever be grateful for the times that we shared with him during my college years and for all of the messages that we exchanged on Facebook throughout the years.

Hello, everyone! It’s Jon Lowris, a good buddy of mine. It is possible that you recognize him from the Snake and Animal Farm that is located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. He cannot be located. Since approximately ten in the morning yesterday (10 April), neither he nor anyone else has seen or heard from him. Around ten in the morning, he drove his black Hummer H3 away from the snake farm and headed north in the direction of price chopper.

If you have any information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with either myself, the family, or the authorities. We ask that you pray for this wonderful family. You can imagine how frightened they are, but everyone here is praying for good news and a pleasant resolution to this situation.

He had on blue pants, boots, and a beige and white flannel over a white undershirt. He also wore a white undershirt. This is really not in keeping with his demeanor at all. It had been planned for him to pick up his son Jack after work. Because he is so loyal to the farm, he would never voluntarily abandon the animals there, and he certainly wouldn’t abandon his son either. Amy Stoner, the woman he is engaged to, is quite concerned about him and is waiting at home.