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Jim Barnes Obituary, Jim Barnes Has Sadly Passed Away

Jim Barnes Obituary, Death – On Saturday, April 22, 2023, at 11 a.m., a memorial ceremony for Reverend Jim Barnes will be conducted at Melville United Church. Middlesex Centre is home to the church, which can be found at 24159 Nairn Road. This article’s author, Ingrid, is actually the author’s daughter. Her mother is the lady who is being profiled here. After completing his studies at the

seminary and being ordained in the late 1970s, Dad entered full-time pastoral work at the United Churches in the Guilds Pastoral Charge. This fee is applied to the neighboring rural community of Blenheim, which is found in the Canadian province of Ontario. Guilds United, The Ridge United Church, and New Scotland United Church are just a few examples of congregations that are comparable to one another and have many of the same characteristics. In the 1980s, right after he had completed his education at the seminary, he got a call asking

him to become the pastor of the United Churches of Ivan Pastoral Charge. At the time, he had just concluded his studies. This accusation covered not only the cities of London, Komoka, Melville, and Vanneck but also the rural districts that were located in the close vicinity of those cities. His ordination was bestowed upon him by the United Church of Canada, London Conference, which was the organization

that presided over the ceremony. It has been disclosed that during the course of the following year, he would perform the duties of a pastor at the Hyatt Avenue United Church in London, Ontario. After a total of six years of service at the May Street Presbyterian Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he was promoted to the post of senior pastor after the church, which is located in the center of the city,

granted him the promotion. After Dad and Mom retired, they uprooted their lives and moved to the Bangor region of Northern Ireland, where Dad found work as a highly sought-after replacement pastor at a number of different congregations. On the first day of the year 2023, Jim passed away in Northern Ireland, which also marked the beginning of the year 2023.