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Jeff Cearns Obituary, Jeff Cearns Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Jeff Cearns Obituary, Jeff Cearns Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Jeff Cearns Obituary, Death – We are writing to inform the St. Martha’s family of the demise of Jeff Cearns at an age that was much too early in his life. It is with a heavy heart that we do so. Jeff was not only our most experienced server but also a close friend to all of us. He never failed to make us smile and laugh at all times. He was a very attractive human being. After a long and courageous battle against metastatic breast cancer that lasted five years, Jeff passed away on April 5th, 2023. Jeff was a familiar face at St. Martha’s for a good portion of the past decade.

He became a member of our team in 2014 and remained with us until he reached a point where he was no longer comfortable dealing with the condition.
Jeff will be remembered by our patrons for his graciousness and attention to detail while assisting them with their dinner orders at St. Martha’s. During his four decades in the hospitality sector, he worked at a number of excellent restaurants in the Ottawa area, including The Ritz, Domus Cafe, Signatures, and Le St. Laurent.

We were extremely fortunate to have him working at St. Martha’s for such a significant amount of time since he was an outstanding professional. We all enjoyed being in his presence because of his vast knowledge, hilarious sense of humor, and quick wit. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeff’s wife, Janet, and their children, Josh, Zach, Maxime, and Etienne. We are sorry for your loss. “Jeff was a good-natured and low-key individual. He was content with the simpler things in life, such as a glass of wine, a baby’s smile, a dad joke, a flourishing garden, or a good deal at the grocery store, and he didn’t let himself get worked up over the more significant issues. He devoted his entire life to the pursuit of beauty, be it in the form of music, poetry, social justice, or even just a quiet evening spent watching the sun set over the water at the family cottage.