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Janet Dring Obituary, Rosedale Shows Mourns The Death Of Janet Dring

Janet Dring Obituary, Death – Janet Dring on April 2, the day she departed this world after passing away in a gentle manner at home. Janet Dring left this world on that day. The two of us said our farewells to her on April 2nd. The idea that we would never see Janet again causes an immense amount of pain in our hearts.

There is a good chance that Janet’s donations, which she has contributed over the period of more years than she cares to remember, are responsible for a substantial portion of the successes that have been accomplished by the Rosedale Show. She continued to be an active member of the committee up until only two weeks before the time of her passing, and when she did pass away, she was in the process of looking for cups that had been misplaced.

Janet’s primary goal for the duration of her service on the committee was to work toward ensuring that the Rosedale Show remained consistent in nature with the type of traditional village fair that attendees are accustomed to attending. This was her objective for the length of her time spent serving her country.

We are all of the same mind with regard to the fact that the accomplishment of the program as a whole is directly correlated to the achievement of this particular aspect of the program. The funeral for Janet will be held at St. Lawrence’s church in Rosedale Abbey on Saturday, April 22, at one o’clock in the afternoon. The date and time are not subject to change. There will be zero adjustments made to either the date or the hour of the event.