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Jacques Gaillot Obituary, Jacques Gaillot Has Passed Away

Jacques Gaillot Obituary, Death – The news that Bishop Jacques Gaillot had passed away left me with an enormous sense of loss since it brought back memories of the joyful times I had spent with him. As a result, I was overcome with sadness when I learned the news. His passing took place in Paris on a Wednesday in the early afternoon of that day. It was a Wednesday when the event occurred.

Jacques Gaillot was a wonderful person who was also an ardent supporter of the Iranian resistance movement throughout a substantial portion of the movement’s existence as well as for a considerable amount of time in general. This assistance was provided for an important period of time as well as for the duration of the organization’s whole existence. This help was extended over a long amount of time and was delivered.

It was his duty to speak at a number of different conferences in order to demonstrate his support for Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the opposition in Iran, as well as the MEK. He did this without fail. This was done so that he could display his support more clearly.
Up until very recently, Bishop Gaillot continued to visit criminals who were incarcerated. In addition, he continued to serve as the honorary president of an organization that fights for the rights of the most vulnerable individuals, such as homeless people. Even when he retired, he never ceased paying visits to persons who were incarcerated.