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Jacob Vanzant Missing, Death, Missing Jacob Vanzant found Dead, Officials say

Jacob Vanzant Missing Lodi CA – On April 15, 2023, AWP discovered a White Honda Pilot 18 feet underwater and 150 feet from shore at the end of Eight Mile Road between Lodi and Stockton, California, with the registration plate 5JCB311. Inside, remains thought to be those of Jacob Vanzant, a 24-year-old man from Stockton, California, were discovered. Adventures With Purpose (AWP) is an Underwater Search and Recovery Dive Team dedicated to assisting families of missing loved ones for FREE, and with your aid, 27 Missing Person Cold Cases Have Been Solved Since 2019.

Today was not a good day- I’m trying my hardest to fight back the tears, keep it together, stay positive, and not blame or vent on anyone, but it’s nearly difficult. And I’m terrified to cry because I’m not sure I’ll be able to control myself. Jacob, if by some way you are still alive and well, please, please allow someone to contact us; we are all falling apart trying to find you!! And if you’re not okay, and the worst happens, please know that your family will not give up until we find you and bring you home.

I will forever be sorry for believing you needed space when I believe you needed us more than any of us will ever know. My heart aches for you, Jacob, and I adore you. VanZant, Robert. AWP will provide further information throughout the live stream. In the next weeks, we will have a complete edit of our search and recovery activities. Thank you for all of your help and support.