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Iris Caldera Obituary, Iris Caldera Has Passed Away

Iris Caldera Obituary, Death- It is beyond my capability to effectively convey the depth of my grief through the utilization of language. It is with great sadness that I must inform you that my mother, Iris Caldera, passed away yesterday in a calm and tranquil setting. She had been sick for a considerable amount of time.

She had an uphill battle against her health for the 15 years preceding up to her death, which ultimately ended in her passing away. Her dying was the end outcome of her uphill battle. Mom will be remembered for the rest of her life for her charming smile, the loving care that she provided, and the fact that she was the best mother to both of my brothers, Luis Jr. and Jimmy. These are the things that will make her unforgettable. These are the qualities that will make her stand out in people’s memories.

As the news spread, a great number of people paid a visit to the residence where our family lives in order to convey their condolences and offer their support. Mom had a tremendous amount of love for her family and friends, and she demonstrated that love to all of us on a daily basis via the generous deeds that she performed. We have been reduced to the very core of our being. I pray that now that she has passed away, she is at peace in the presence of our heavenly father and that she finds contentment there. May she rest in peace!