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I-45 Motorcycle Accident, Death – 2 Found Dead As A Result

I-45 Motorcycle Accident, Death – Law enforcement authorities from two different counties are collaborating in an investigation to determine whether or if the gunshot incidents that appear to have targeted motorcyclists on Interstate 45 North are not only related to one another but also have connections to outlaw biker gangs. The first shooting took place approximately 40 miles apart from the second, and as a result, three individuals were killed and two more were injured between the two incidents that happened on Friday.

In the hours that have passed since the acts of violence, the authorities have stated that they suspect both shootings to be tied to gang activity and connected to one another. First victims were motorcyclists Eyewitness News found out about the first shooting at approximately 11:36 a.m. when the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office posted information on Facebook about a heavy police presence on Interstate 45 northbound at Oakwood Drive in the Spring area, where at least one motorcyclist was shot.

The victim, a guy in his thirties, dialed 911 at 11:08 a.m., according to the information provided by the sheriff’s office. The office stated that it was not immediately obvious where exactly the shooting took place. The victim was brought to the hospital, where he was treated with “extensive medical efforts,” but he passed away at 3:30 p.m., according to the deputies who responded to the scene. After further investigation, deputies determined that a second biker had sustained injuries as a result of the same occurrence, which appeared to include a ricochet.

When that individual was taken to the hospital, his injuries were evaluated as being quite minor, and he checked out of the facility before the authorities were able to identify him. Detectives from the homicide, violent crime, and gang task force were tasked with conducting the investigation. The deputies didn’t think there was any kind of threat to the general public. The sheriff’s office also noted a similar shooting that took place just up the interstate in Walker County, which ultimately resulted in a fatality.