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Harvey Canning Obituary, Harvey Canning Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Harvey Canning Obituary, Harvey Canning Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Harvey Canning Obituary, Death – He is no longer enduring any pain and is instead basking in the glory of his promotion. (as we say in the Army). We shall miss having Major Canning come to Trent when he was here.He was such a loving grandfather, and he cherished the time he got to spend with his grandchildren. I always thought that he would have made a fantastic evangelist since I really enjoyed listening to him preach.

Our deepest sympathies go out to Doreen and her family at this difficult time.I pray that the Lord would keep each of you in the safety of His loving care during this time. At this point, I do not have any other information that I can share with you. We will keep you updated as soon as the family has confirmed the funeral details. I am aware that all of you have been praying for Major Harvey and his family over the past few weeks.

I want you to know that I am sharing the news of Major Harvey Canning’s passing with you at a time when I am both deeply saddened and filled with immense joy. He went away earlier today. Of course, it is unfortunate that we have lost a great friend, colleague, and pastor; yet, we are also filled with joy in knowing that he is now with his Savior, whom he loved and served for the entirety of his life.

But, I am asking you to redouble your efforts on behalf of Major Doreen, Trent, Todd, and Trinette as well as the entire family circle. You are aware that they are a very close family and that the events that have taken place over the previous six weeks have left them in utter disarray. I am aware that hearing this information may be challenging for many of you because Major Harvey has been a part of your lives for a considerable amount of time. In these trying times, we ask that you pray for one another and for yourself.