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Gloria Carlson Obituary, Andes Public Library Pays Tribute

Gloria Carlson Obituary, Death – We are saddened to notify you of the passing of Gloria Carlson, who was a dedicated supporter of the Andes Public Library. We are thankful to her for the generosity she showed us over the course of the years, and we are sorry to have to inform you of her passing. We are breaking this news to you with the

utmost sense of grief that our hearts could possibly contain. On Thursday, April 13, 2023, at a late hour, Gloria, who had been a patient at the Albany Medical Center, died away while she was resting in the peace and comfort of the institution. She had been there since April 13, 2023. There will be a Buddhist service held at Streamside Yoga in Andes on Saturday, May 6 at 1:30 in the afternoon. The date of the service is May 6. The event will take place on the

same day it was originally scheduled. Gloria was a member of the Board of Trustees, the director of our library, and the Friday clerk here up to the year 2020. She also served in all three roles until that time. Following that, she was re-elected to the Board of Trustees, and she continued to fulfill her responsibilities of book acquisition and

processing right up until the very last day of her term in office. In addition to that, she worked here as a cashier on Fridays while she was in this location while she was here while she was in this location. When she is no longer with us, everyone of us will feel a profound loss because of her absence. I am currently working on putting together a

memorial for her in my Library Notes, and I would be really grateful for any contributions that may be made by those who live in the neighborhood as well as by anyone who visit the library. Please email me your contributions at an.ill@4cls.org.