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Glen McKenna Obituary, 2 dead in plane crash south of Las Vegas

Glen McKenna Obituary, Death – The names of the two persons who were murdered earlier this week when a tiny private jet crashed south of Las Vegas were made public on Thursday. The tragedy occurred earlier in the week. The terrible event took happened earlier in the week. The tragic occurrence occurred earlier in the week. One of the victims was a pilot, and another of the victims was the pilot’s

wife. Both of the victims were killed in the attack. The deceased have been identified as Glen Robert McKenna, who was 72 years old, and Bonnie Jean McKenna, who was 70 years old, as reported by the office of the coroner in Clark County, Washington. Both of the McKennas were married. Both of them were natives of the tiny town of Cal-Nev-Ari, which is located close to the southwestern boundary of the state of Nevada. Both of the McKennas eventually made their homes in the region comprising California, Nevada, and Arizona.

At five o’clock on Tuesday morning, an airplane lost control and crashed somewhere in the village of Kidwell to the north of the Kidwell Airport. The authorities have said unequivocally that there were only two people on board, and up to this point, there have been no reports of anyone being injured on the ground as a direct result of the incident. This information has been confirmed by the authorities.

The records that are maintained by the Federal Aviation Administration indicate that Glen McKenna is the owner of the single-engine aircraft that is known as GlaStar which was produced in 2006. The year 2006 was the year that the aircraft was manufactured. These records were located inside the airplane and brought out. The National Transportation Safety Board is now obtaining further information about what took happened as part of the investigation that they have been conducting since the incident took occurred.