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George Creel Obituary, George Creel Has Passed Away - Death Cause

George Creel Obituary, George Creel Has Passed Away – Death Cause

George Creel Obituary, Death – On April 8th, at the age of 68, George Michael Creel, who had retired as a truck driver and worked as a welder, passed suddenly. His family, friends, and community will remember him as a man who was always smiling, full of love, and friendly to everyone he met. He never knew an enemy. George Rogers was the oldest of his mother Ardina’s five children and the first born.

His mother, his daughter Christina Graham and her husband Brian, his grandchildren Ashton Graham and Kaitlin Jolliff, his younger brother Larry Parker, his younger sister Susan Crowder, and his youngest twin brothers Thomas Edward Creel and Thomas Franklin Creel are the only members of his immediate family who are still alive. The name “Lil Bit” he gave to his adorable furry friend meant the world to him.

George enjoyed fishing, and he was always eager to meet new people and try new things, such as creating candles or tumbling rocks. George was always up for an adventure. In addition to that, he was enthusiastic about the collection of pocket knives, chess, brainteasers, and any ridiculous scheme that promised instant wealth. He possessed a one-of-a-kind and eccentric personality that made other people laugh and grin.

He was optimistic, lively, and rather goofy, and he had a knack of making people laugh because to the way he carried himself. Spending time with George’s wife and children was one of his favorite things to do because they were the most important thing in his life. When I was younger, one of my favorite memories that I have of my dad is when we went fishing together.

My father was fishing some distance away from me when all of a sudden he sprang up and started saying something that I couldn’t understand. He brought his fishing poles in, gathered his equipment, and began to run toward me while dodging and weaving through the crowd. It came out that my father was yelling because enormous hail was hitting him, and he was calling at me to run into the house before the hail could hit me as well.