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George Acinge Obituary, George Acinge Has Passed Away - Death Cause

George Acinge Obituary, Johnson County MED-ACT Mourns George Acinge – Death Cause

George Acinge Obituary, Death – As we convey the news that George Acinger, Jr. passed away early on Sunday morning, our hearts are filled with a tremendous degree of loss and grief, and we are writing this with those emotions reflected in our words. Our prayers are with him, as well as his loved ones and friends. After retiring as a fireman in 2011 and taking early retirement at that time,

George began working as the MED-ACT Chaplain for our department in 2014 as part of his commitment to volunteer service in that capacity. This service was part of George’s commitment to volunteer service in that capacity. Throughout the course of his career, he served as a volunteer firefighter for a number of different departments. Some of these departments include Leawood, Overland Park, and South Johnson County FD #2, to mention a few. George served not only in the Army but also in the Marine Corps, and he was honoured for the service he gave in Vietnam while he was a member of the Marine Corps.

This service was performed while George was stationed in Vietnam. He was a man of faith, a dedicated public worker, and to top it all off, he was just an all-around amazing human being. George placed a high priority on making clear that, in his capacity as our Chaplain, he attended to the needs of those individuals who were accountable for the care of others. This was something that he felt needed to be emphasised at all times. It has been an extremely protracted amount of time.