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Evy Lynch Obituary, Evy Lynch Has Suddenly Passed Away

Evy Lynch Obituary, Death – Evy Lynch (née Turner), who passed away recently and had resided in Linsfort, Buncrana, is being remembered by her family and friends, all of whom knew and loved her very much. Evy had lived in Linsfort all of her life. At that point in her life, she was 71 years old, and she resided in the residence located at number 71 Cockhill Park. As a direct result of her passing away,

her children and grandchildren, Patrick, Kathleen, Susanna, Evelyn, Angela, Pauline, Danny, and Noeleen, in addition to her brother Shaun, are going through a significant amount of emotional anguish. Her daughter Rosaleen and her husband Daniel were the last people to see her alive, paying her a visit at the hospital in the minutes before she passed away. (R.I.P.) Her grandchildren, great grandchildren, extended family, and wider family circle, together with her many neighbors and friends, will miss her dearly. Her absence will be deeply

felt by all of these people. The loss of her presence will be strongly felt by each and every one of them. Everyone in this room will experience a huge loss as a direct result of her absence, and that loss will be her absence. will enter the period of rest that she and her late husband had shared at the home that they had previously occupied together at seven o’clock this evening. Evy and her late husband had

lived there together. Funeral services are scheduled to take place at that location on Monday, April 17, at 10.30 in the morning. Following the funeral rites, the body of the deceased person will be transported to St. Mary’s Church in Cockhill for a Requiem Mass that will take place at 11 am on the day of the funeral. Following the conclusion of the funeral mass, the deceased person’s remains will be interred in

the cemetery that is located close to the church. Between the hours of eleven o’clock at night and ten o’clock in the morning, the house should be treated as if it were a private residence by the appropriate authorities. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Evy will soon be able to relax and take it easy on herself.