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Emma Bailey USA Homicide, UI Spring Break Murder Suspect Had Criminal Record

Emma Bailey USA Homicide, UI Spring Break Murder Suspect Had Criminal Record

Emma Bailey Obituary, Death – One of the people detained in connection to the recent death of a University of Idaho student in Centralia, Wash., has a lengthy criminal history in Whitman County. Tacoma man Demetrius Robinson, 36, was detained along with 22-year-old Moscow woman Emma Bailey on March 21 by the Centralia Police Department. They were each booked into Lewis County Jail on a charge of delivery of a controlled drug.

Robinson and Bailey are suspected of delivering illegal substances to a 22-year-old individual later identified as UI junior Caden Young. Young was found deceased by a buddy in a Centralia apartment. According to a Centralia Police Department news release, a preliminary investigation discovered information suggesting unlawful drug use was implicated in his death. According to Lewis County, Robinson and Bailey remain in jail on a $100,000 bond.

They entered a non-guilty plea during a March 30 arraignment session. A trial is planned for May 15. This is not Robinson’s first time in jail. According to Whitman County Prosecutor Denis Tracy, Robinson has been involved in a number of Whitman County over the past six years. Most notably, he committed second-degree assault in 2018 in Pullman and was sentenced to 15 months in prison. He was probed for a probable allegation of second degree rape in September 2020. At the claimed victim’s request, no charge was filed, Tracy said.

He was arrested in March 2021 in Pullman for suspicion of possession of controlled narcotics with intent to deliver, and with assaulting his companion at the time. Tracy reported that the evidence in the drug case turned out to be unusable in court because to issues with the search of a hotel room, and the accusation of possession was withdrawn. As a result of the assault case, Robinson entered a guilty plea in August 2021 to charges of assault in the fourth degree as well as harassment. Because of this, he was given a sentence of 151 days in jail.

In 2017, Robinson was charged with five misdemeanor counts of driving while his license was suspended. As part of a plea deal, he was given a sentence of five days in jail for each of these crimes. In February, he was accused of driving with a suspended license and driving without a valid ID, both of which were charges brought against him. According to Tracy, he did not appear in court, and an arrest warrant has been issued for Robinson in connection with that case.

According to information provided by the University of Iowa, Young was pursuing a degree in journalism through the university’s College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. In addition to that, he had previously held the presidency of the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity.