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emily joy bell obituary St. George, Utah

Emily Joy Bell Obituary St. George, Utah, Emily Joy Bell is Dead – Death Cause

Emily Joy Bell Obituary, Death – St. George, Utah – Emily sailed into this life with glee, jingling all of the bells, singing all of the songs, climbing all of the mountains, instructing all of the youngsters, baking all of the cookies and making all of the crafts, and writing all of the poems. And then, without a sound, she disappeared on Palm Sunday to soar to the heavens and sing with the angels there. She decided to put her trust in God rather than her worries. Emily Joy Miller was born on October 17, 1986, in the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City, to her parents Mary and David.

On April 2, 2023, she left from her final earthly home in Bloomington, which was located in St. George, Utah. Those 36 years were absolutely jam-packed with happiness in every way! When Emily first arrived on our planet, she was placed in a bunk bed in West Valley, California, together with her older sisters Bekah (Prisbrey) and Anna. (May). She adored her preschool in Spring, Texas, but the kidney operation she had when she was a toddler in that brief year in Houston was not one of her favorite things.

Emily greeted her siblings, Cait (Tidwell), Shawn, Nate, Jake, and Charity (Halverson), who joined her in the family house on Compton Bench in Farmington after a brief interlude in the home that she shared with her cousin Megan and her girlfriend Katie in Fruit Heights. Em and her elder sisters invited their cousins over to help them conduct pranks on the neighbors in the neighborhood, such as turning on and off their neighbors’ televisions from the street. Em had wonderful experiences with the educators at Knowlton Elementary, Farmington Junior High, and Davis High Schools.

She attended an early college program at Weber State University, where she earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Early Elementary Education. She had a wonderful time on her study abroad program in Palmyra, New York, which was located close to the Sacred Grove. Later in life, she developed a deep affection for the Taiwanese children she had taught English to while living in that island nation. Colby Bell, the man who would become the love of her life, traveled to Taiwan and the other islands in the region to spend the rest of the year with her before the two of them committed their love to one another in the Bountiful Temple in 2009. They were very fond of the deer that lived in their yard in Bountiful, as well as the young women that she instructed while she was there. Her poem, “Your Heart, My Drum,” which she wrote to express her sentiments for Colby and other things, has the following lines: “My journey is not alone — Though the weight feels heavy — And my soul is so weary — I find solace in starlight — ” “My journey is not alone — Though the weight feels heavy — And my soul is so weary — “