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Eli Henderson Obituary, Stockton Elementary School Student Sadly Passed Away After a UTV Accident.

Eli Henderson Obituary, Death –  Residents of the Stockton School District who have children:B We must share the sad news with you that our school community was recently affected by a devastating loss, and it is with heavy hearts that we do so. Eli Henderson, a student at Stockton Middle School who was in the sixth grade at the time,

passed away on Saturday, April 16, 2023 as a result of injuries sustained in an accident involving a UTV. During this most difficult moment, those who are closest to Eli will need the support and prayers of their loved ones as well as friends and acquaintances. Because of this terrible event, our whole school, and our students in particular, will very probably experience a wide range of emotions, concerns, and questions. When confronted with difficult

circumstances such as this one, our school system reaches out to a school intervention team based in the surrounding area for assistance. This group of professionals is made of individuals who have undergone training specifically geared at assisting with the requirements of children, parents, and school administrators. Tomorrow,

April 17, 2023, we will have counselors accessible at each of our schools for any student or staff member who may require or wish aid or any form of support in connection with this tragedy. We are sorry for the loss of life that has been caused by this. Everyone who seeks or requires assistance will have access to these counselors when they are available. Because of Eli’s passing, we would certainly understand if it turned out that your child would be unable to

attend school on Monday as a result of the tragedy. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the school’s administration if you have any questions or concerns. We are utterly devastated by the loss that this brings to our school community, and we assure you that we will do all in our ability to stand by you and your child as you navigate this transition.