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Edgewater Mall Biloxi Mississippi Shooting, Active Shooter Spotted, Police Responding to Scene

Edgewater Mall Biloxi Mississippi – It is strongly recommended that you stay away from Edgewater Mall at this time if at all possible. My two daughters were eating inside the shopping center when they heard something that sounded like a gunshot. Kenleigh and her grandma hid in the Chick-Fil-A kitchen as Elliott went away with his uncle. Elliott ran away with his uncle.

But despite their efforts, they ended up getting split apart from one another. They are not in any danger at this time. There is no question that Kenleigh is quite unsettled. If you know her, then you are aware that we were at sky zone park when this occurred, and that everyone was in a state of panic trying to find their children and exit the park.

If you know her, then you are aware of this. I am sorry that all of you had to go through this as well. Please accept my condolences. I cannot express how relieved I am to find out that they were not hurt. Due to the fact that I work in the shopping center, when I left work I was in such a rush that I didn’t care what was left behind in the building.

This event, which was supposed to be joyful and bring people together, has instead degenerated into something that has caused me a tremendous lot of grief. I was really hoping that it would turn out differently. Ricky’s level of unease is comparable to that of everyone else’s. He was the first to admit that the experience was one of the most horrific things he had ever been through.