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Donna Castleberry Obituary, West Carrollton, Ohio, Longtime Native Has Passed Away

Donna Castleberry Obituary, Death – Donna Castleberry, a mother of two children who was 23 years old at the time, had battled addiction for years. It appeared as though she was making progress toward rehabilitation after she had just made contact with her family; nonetheless, she was unable to finish the trip to recovery.

During an undercover prostitution operation that took place on Sullivant Avenue on August 23, 2018, Ms. Castleberry was picked up by an undercover vice police officer named Andrew Mitchell, according to the prosecutors. Many people have the impression that the neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio, is a breeding ground for illegal activities including drug dealing and prostitution.

In the documents filed with the court, the prosecutor on the case, Ron O’Brien, stated that Ms. Castleberry and Officer Mitchell got into a disagreement when they were riding in the automobile together. According to Mr. O’Brien’s statements in the documents, Ms. Castleberry sliced Officer Mitchell’s hand while they were fighting, which prompted him to retaliate by firing his gun six times.

According to Mr. O’Brien’s statements in the documents, Ms. Castleberry was struck by three of Officer Mitchell’s shots after he fired them. Ms. Castleberry was injured in the left leg, right lung, and abdomen by the first round, and her heart was perforated by the third bullet. It was determined that she had passed away at the site.

Officer Mitchell was a member of the vice squad of the Columbus Police Department at the time, and he was being investigated for a wide range of unlawful acts, including sex trafficking and compelling women to engage in sexual conduct in return for their release.

After Ms. Castleberry passed away, her loved ones were left with numerous questions about what took place in the moments leading up to her passing, many of which have not been answered. “The problem is, none of us know all the facts, because we weren’t there,” John Waddy Jr., the family’s lawyer, said. “We weren’t there.” Officer Mitchell and Donna, who has since passed away, are the only two persons who are aware of the events that actually took place.