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Derek Venlet Obituary, Irvine High School Teacher Has Sadly Passed Away

Derek Venlet Obituary, Death – The death of Elizabeth Santos has sparked numerous inquiries. Wasilla, Alaska was her home and she was 37 years old and working there. Her death has been seen by some as a suicide by others. This essay examines Elizabeth Santos’s death certificate and obituary to learn more about her life and passing. Read on to learn more. The circumstances behind Santos’ passing are mysterious. Self-inflicted trauma likely led to her untimely demise. This is the sequence of events.

Elizabeth had a large group of friends since she was liked by everyone she met. She had a warm personality and a good heart, as her friends and family attested. After her breakup on August 3, 2020, Santos decided to stay at Lizette’s place for a while so she could get her thoughts together. In her time of need, she hoped to find comfort and encouragement from her companion. Five days later, at around 6 a.m. on August 8, 2020, Santos called 911 in Anchorage to report that he had hurt himself.

At 7:20 a.m., before she lost consciousness for good, Elizabeth reportedly said the name of the hospital she wished to be sent to. Doctors were taken aback by the extent of Santos’ injuries when she fell into cardiac arrest in the ambulance at 7:23 a.m. The physicians were unable to stabilize her condition despite operating on her eleven stab wounds in the belly and thighs. Elizabeth Santos eventually passed away from internal bleeding despite medical professionals’ best efforts.

Elizabeth’s shredded robe and obvious wounds contradict the police’s claim that they don’t know the full nature of her injuries. The tragic loss of Elizabeth Santos was felt not just by those closest to her, but also by the larger community.