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Deb Docherty Obituary, Pittsburgh PA, Owner/ President at DOCHERTY AGENCY Has Died

Deb Docherty Obituary, Pittsburgh PA – Despite the anguish that we feel in our hearts, Deb Docherty will always have our admiration. A pioneer in every meaning of the word, as well as a great natural force and a selfless humanitarian. Quartz and I had the good opportunity to work with Deb for a number of years; during the whole process, she kept a pleasant attitude and has a wicked sense of humor.

What an incredible glimmer of optimism has recently come into our lives. Our love and support is extended to her family as well as the medical staff at the hospital, and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. In 1987, a lady by the name of Deb Docherty, who had once worked as a model, started in Pittsburgh what was to become known as the Docherty Agency in the years that followed.

In the short amount of time that it was in operation, Docherty quickly established itself as one of the region’s most famous agencies, acquiring a reputation for representing top-tier talent in the disciplines of modeling and acting. This reputation helped Docherty quickly establish itself as one of the most notable agencies in the region. The Docherty company expanded its business activities into the state of Ohio in 2002.

At the moment, the Docherty company serves the cities of Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. At the present time, the modeling, acting, and advertising industries consider Docherty to be the most successful talent agency in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Docherty also services Ohio. The organization has been recognized on a national scale for its accomplishments and has been presented with a number of accolades in recognition of the outstanding job that it has accomplished in the past.