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David Kirby Obituary, Long-Time Award-Winning Journalist Has Sadly Passed Away

David Kirby Obituary, Death – David Kirby, a good friend of ours, has died away. He was an activist for a significant amount of time and an award-winning investigative journalist who wrote for a wide variety of news organizations all over the world, including The New York Times. In addition to reporting on corruption, he covered wars, natural catastrophes, AIDS, and autism.

He authored a number of publications, such as “Evidence of Harm,” “Animal Factory,” “When They Come For You,” and “Death at SeaWorld,” which paved the way for the film “Blackfish” and permanently altered the way that the general public saw cetaceans kept in captivity. He was always gracious to his friends, and he made sure that anybody who happened to visit his house in Mexico, which he shared with his boyfriend Carlos and his cherished dogs, had a warm welcome from him and his family.

He spoke enthusiastically about the places he had visited, the people he had met, the cuisine, and his life in Mexico. We owe David a huge lot of thanks for some of the shifts in mentality and practices that have occurred within the captive sector as a direct result of his very generous giving of his time and his expertise to those of us involved in animal activism. But more than just that, he was such a kind and generous person, and we are going to miss him dearly. Our deepest affection and condolences go out to Carlos and the rest of his family. David, I am grateful to you for everything.