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David Hansen Obituary, David Hansen has Died -Death Cause

David Hansen Obituary – This life that we are lucky to live, with the people we get to know, love, and spend so much time with, is not an easy existence. It is with a heavy heart that I have to break the news to you that David “Huggy Bear” Hansen died away earlier this week. Owner of The Shop and the person responsible for the creation of Chopperfest along with his son Tory.

The history of Chopperfest, which takes place every year in Ventura, California, is actually a picture of America at its best. Genuine individuals who are capable of creatively thinking outside the box and transforming their ideas into aesthetic beauty that is both artistic and utilitarian. Chopperfest was initially the inspiration of David “Huggie” Hansen, but with the passing of renowned artist David Mann in September of 2004, the event evolved into something much more than a display of future motorcycle design.

Just three months after David’s passing, individuals who loved and respected David lined the stage with his wife to pay tribute to him. This provided an outlet for the pain that was felt throughout the whole world of two-wheeled vehicles. The love that he had for both the “artist” and the “lifestyle” that he envisioned came together beautifully in the form of a massive display of his original artwork and an equally massive display of custom motorcycles.

Bike builders from all over the country gathered to pay their respects to David Mann on the occasion of his passing and to celebrate the launch of the event that bears his name. Chopperfest is an annual event that will “forever be dedicated to the design, function, and art of the motorcycle through those talented enough to create and those creative enough to appreciate talent.” Huggy Bear, may you finally rest in peace.