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Dana Němcová Obituary, Former Czechoslovak Communist Regime, Dana Němcová Has Died

Dana Němcová Obituary, Death – Dana Nmcová, who was one of the most prominent opponents of the communist dictatorship that existed in the former Czechoslovak Republic, passed away early on Tuesday morning at the age of 89. She never gave up on her pursuit of freedom, despite the fact that she was harassed by the secret police for many years. Dana Nmcova was born in January of 1934, and she has stated on multiple occasions that she comes from modest beginnings.

In point of fact, she possessed the kind of credentials associated with the working class that could have won her favor with the communist leadership if she hadn’t been such a devoted supporter of the truth and human rights. My place of birth was Most. Both of my parents hailed from mining backgrounds, which meant that they were born into poverty and were Czech. My mother was an only child and her parents were killed in action during the First World War. My father was a schoolteacher. She attended Charles University for her studies in psychology, and it was there that she met her future husband, Ji Nmec.

Together, they went on to have seven children. Later on, she and her husband became two of the first signatories of Charter 77, which was a document that criticized the government for failing to follow the human rights obligations listed in a number of documents that it had signed. She and her husband were two of the first signatories of Charter 77. In 1979, she was sentenced to six months in jail for having previously co-founded the Committee for the Defense of the Unjustly Prosecuted and for having previously signed Charter 77. Despite the difficult circumstances she was going through, Nmcova kept a bright and optimistic attitude on life.