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Dan Morley Obituary, Co Founder Of The Wicklow Bay Sea Angling Club Has Died

Dan Morley Obituary, Death – We regret to inform you that our Chairperson, Dan Morley of Rathdrum, passed away on Saturday, April 15th. Sincere condolences from everyone at the Wicklow Bay Sea Angling Club go out to Mary, Nichola, and Daniel. The conger from the Isle of Man was the first memorial fish to arrive, followed by the ray from Cork and the halibut from Norway. Certainly deserving of our chairman and co-founder of the Wicklow Bay Sea Angling Club, our boss, who has done so much for the club.

Dan Morley was a larger-than-life character who always had Jameson on hand and was always telling stories. But he fought tirelessly for the ideals, honor, and prestige of our club, both in Wicklow and among anglers all over the country. He brought together and organized a disparate group of fishermen to produce some of Ireland’s best fisherman. He enjoyed fishing anywhere there was a coastline and considered the quality of the bar we were staying at based on the chowder they served.

They had employed a specific gas supplier). We made it a point to stop at every significant historical site in Ireland or to simply enjoy the scenery and gaze out at the water. Dan, you may rest assured that God has reserved you a comfortable seat near the stern of the boat, where the mackerel will be fresh and the waves will be mild. Tight lines till it’s our turn to haul in the lines; until then, we’ll see you again.