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Dadeville Mass Shooting, at Least 20 Injured Multiple shot Dead, Police Investigating

Alabama  Mass Shooting Dadeville, Louisville Dance Studio, Death РAccording to the reports, many children were killed during a mass shooting that took place at a birthday party for a teenager in Dadeville, Alabama, on Saturday evening. The incident took place in Dadeville at a neighborhood around the intersection of E Green Street and N Broadnax Street at approximately 10:30 p.m. local time.

According to BNO News, the authorities have not disclosed the precise number of victims, but a photograph that was taken by a witness reportedly showed the bodies of at least six adolescents lying on the ground. A witness who was present at the scene reportedly told the source that the total number of victims was greater than six, including many persons who died at the scene of the incident. The witness noticed that white sheets had been used to cover the remains.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, numerous relatives can be seen in a photo that was shared on Twitter waiting outside of a nearby hospital. According to WRBL, cops and deputies who responded to the scene of the shooting said that at least 20 persons were injured as a result of the incident. The victims who had been hurt were sent to a nearby hospital for further medical attention. According to WRBL, during the preliminary inquiry, the investigators had a suspicion that an altercation at a teenager’s birthday party led to the shooting that occurred there. No information about a suspect has been made public by the authorities as of yet. The authorities are requesting that anyone who may have information about this case get in touch with the Dadeville Police Department or the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office.