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Curtis R. Fogg, Death – Wanted For Murder, Windham, Maine. Fogg Police Say

Curtis R. Fogg, Death – The 34-year-old Curtis R. Fogg of Windham, Maine, is missing, and the Androscoggin Sheriff’s Office is asking for information concerning his location. Manslaughter, Operating After Suspension- Accident with Death, Aggravated Operating after Habitual Offender Revocation- 1 Prior, Reckless Conduct, Leaving the Scene of a Motor Vehicle Accident- Aggravated, and Motor Vehicle Speeding: 30+ MPH Over Speed Limit are some of the charges for which Fogg is wanted by this agency.

These accusations are related to a deadly car accident that happened on December 11, 2022, in Turner, on Route 4 and Upper Street. Please contact your local law enforcement department or the sheriff’s office at (207) 753-2599 if you know where Fogg is. Just to make a few of the remarks made clear. It took our deputies several months to do a very thorough investigation, which they eventually gave over to the district attorney’s office. The Grand Jury heard the case, and Jacob Diaz, the motorist who struck the victim, was taken into custody last week. We did not arrest Curtis Fogg and then let him go, as some have suggested.

He had not yet been prosecuted or arrested in connection with this accident. Following the Grand Jury indictment, an arrest warrant was later issued, and we are currently looking for Fogg. Although we are not yet friends, I always appreciate what you post on Facebook. I’ve tried to send you a friend request, but it keeps failing. Would you mind giving it a shot from your end, or would you kindly text me a direct message so we can start getting to know one another better? I would be delighted to be your friend. Please excuse my manners if this mail embarrasses you.