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Crystal McCormick Obituary, Canby Oregon, Lifelong Resident Has Sadly Passed Away

Crystal McCormick Obituary, Death – Right now, I’m experiencing a lot of heartbreak. Crystal McCormick was truly one of the kindest and gentlest individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She possessed a spirit that was both astoundingly beautiful and loving. She was there for me during the most difficult times as well as the most wonderful ones.

I will never, ever forget her and the manner in that with only a grin, she could make anyone’s day better. Please say a prayer of peace with me for all of her friends, relatives, and extended family members who are at the Backstop… I just can’t bring myself to entertain the thought that I would never see her smile again…

Knowing that you have abandoned us in such an abrupt and unanticipated manner breaks my heart. Your gentle nature, thoughtfulness, and care for the welfare of others, in addition to our antics, will be sorely missed. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that we won’t be going on another vacation together and that I won’t be sending you weird little hand videos to make you laugh.

We are overwhelmed with grief over the fact that you have gone from our midst too soon after shining so brightly in it. You won’t be far from our thoughts, and the love in our hearts will carry you along with us on every journey from here on out. Despite the fact that there is a lot to be happy about, I can’t help but feel down. I was forced to put Geno to sleep.

The following day, I learned that my lovely friend Crystal McCormick did not wake up on Tuesday morning. She had been missing since the previous day. If she had lived, my precious grandma would have celebrated her birthday today. It is a lot that one must deal with. I am extremely thankful for all of my friends! I am grateful to my mother for continuing the love she has shown me by bringing me a bouquet of flowers picked from my grandmother’s garden.