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Courtney Coco Alexandria Obituary, Zachary, Louisiana Longtime Native Has Passed Away

Courtney Coco Alexandria Obituary, Death – My pink porch light has been glowing bright since day one of the “LIGHT YOUR PORCH PINK…JUSTICE FOR COURTNEY” campaign; even after all of these years, the bulb has stayed on the porch. I am currently watching “NBC DATELINE: WHO KILLED COURTNEY COCO” while doing so. According to a well-known ancient saying, “God has a reason for everything.” Several months ago, while we were waiting for the verdict to be announced on television, I turned on my pink light and prayed to God, asking him to find Anthony guilty of the crime if he was responsible for it.

If he was, then I wanted him to be found guilty. The jury deliberated, and then returned with the verdict of GUILTY. Following that, Courtney was sentenced to life in prison, and in February, Ms. Stephanie Belgard notified me that the story of Courtney will be aired on DATELINE. As tonight’s episode of COURTNEY GOT JUSTICE draws to an end, the pink light that accompanies it will shine for the very last time. Following an extended period of discussion, the jury reached the verdict that the individual who had been suspected of committing the offenses with which they were being charged was, in fact, accountable for those crimes.

After that, a jury came to the conclusion that Courtney was culpable for the crime, and they ultimately decided that she should spend the rest of her life behind bars. In February, Ms. Stephanie Belgard got in touch with me to let me know that DATELINE would be covering the tale of Courtney. During tonight’s broadcast of the show, the pink light that illuminates the screen at the end of each episode of “COURTNEY GOT JUSTICE” will be activated for the very final time, signifying the end of the long-running courtroom drama.