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Cierra Ortega Obituary, Yakima, WA, Has Unexpectedly passed away

Cierra Ortega Obituary, Death – Ortega, Cierra Has unexpectedly gone to be with the Lord. The guests of honor at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children’s “prom” walked the red carpet long after the paparazzi, who included staff members, family members, and a few professional photographers, had established vital vantage locations along the red velvet ropes. Finally, 55 children battling cancer either stepped out or were rolled in as their names were shouted out one by one.

The girls’ gowns were floral and sparkling. The vast majority of the boys wore dark suits. Liam, a one-year-old boy who was carried into the room by his father, was the first to leave. Following him was a procession of small children led by their guardians or parents. A 15-year-old boy was observed pumping his arms. Someone else slipped away from the spotlight. Ahmad Butler, 5, smiled menacingly.

Kristina Gonzalez, who was sat in her wheelchair and wearing a light blue dress and a blonde wig, looked exquisite. The dance and buffet supper were conducted at the hospital in North Philadelphia for the fourth occasion. Robin Capecci, a social worker who helped design this year’s Hawaiian-themed event, described it as a “family prom,” a moment for hurried families to get together, have some fun, and emphasize how important these children are.

There is also a secret motivation at work. Some of these young people may not be able to attend their formal prom. They require instant reasons for rejoicing.