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Chris Zenak Obituary Philadelphia, Pa, Chris Zenak Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Chris Zenak Obituary Philadelphia, Pa, Chris Zenak Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Chris Zenak Obituary, Death – In 1989, while I was a young freshman, I travelled through Northeast Philadelphia on the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Boulevard and crossed the 38th Parallel. This took place. My objective was to find employment in the shoe mines on the West Side, which is why I had defected to that neighbourhood in the first place. Chris Zenak stuck out to me more than any of the other persons I met in that Foreign Land, despite the fact that I had conversations with locals from that country.

Over the course of the years, we took part in a large number of pursuits that, at first glance, appeared to be amusing but, upon further examination, were dangerously near to crossing the line into criminal territory. I won’t go into detail because there are simply too many of them, and I won’t be solving any of these crimes here today. There are just too many of them. On Elgin Avenue, you really never knew what kind of an adventure you were going to get yourself into. It might have been Zeke dumping a load of fermented beverages and Steve’s Steaks in Donnie DiGiulio’s personal lavatory, or it could have been the Nike sales man trying to cut you a deal on the side.

Over the course of his life, Zeke has been of service to a great number of different people in a variety of capacities. He was the perfect person to be around if you were in need of a good laugh. You need to go to the Western region and pay Zeke a visit if you have an ear for listening. After my father passed away in 2010, Porno and Zeke were there for me, supporting me and acting as buttresses to the structure that I was.