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Cathy Crowson Obituary, Cathy Crowson, A retired Administrative Assistant, Has Died

Cathy Crowson Obituary, Death- We are deeply sad to tell you of the passing of Cathy Crowson, who served as a retired administrative assistant. Cathy Crowson was a longtime employee of our company. Cathy worked for this company for a very long period. It is with great regret that we have to deliver this information to you, but unfortunately, it is required.

Cathy worked for a variety of county agencies in a variety of capacities before joining the PWCPD family in August 2008 and working in our Crime Prevention Unit until her retirement in October 2015. Prior to joining the PWCPD, Cathy was employed by a variety of county agencies. In the early 1970s, she embarked on a career in the law enforcement field. She began her career in the county administration in the 1970s and worked there until the end of her career.

Cathy was an acknowledged and dependable member of the group, and she had a reputation for keeping things running smoothly inside the unit by locating solutions to problems and ensuring that members remained focused on the goals at all times. This earned her the respect and reliability of her peers. You could always count on her to remember everyone’s birthdays in her family whenever she talked about her family, regardless of whether the birthdays were in the past or in the present.

Whether discussing her family or not, this was accurate. Her love for her family was evident in all she did. She lived in Prince William County after retiring and periodically visited our family at our house. Her entire life was in Prince William County. Everyone who knew her will remember her benevolence and compassion. Her family asks for your prayers as they go through this difficult time of change. They would appreciate your help with this.