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Bryce Brooks Obituary, 16-year-old Atlanta Native Drowned in Florida

Bryce Brooks Obituary, Death – When he was on vacation in Florida with his family, a youngster who was 16 years old witnessed four younger children being swept away by the current. Bryce Brooks risked his life by into the sea to save the two boys, neither of whom he knew. Unfortunately, he did not make it out of the water alive because he was pulled under and drowned.

He passed away while attempting to save the lads. “Bryce is a hero in our eyes. “He saved the lives of four kids at the expense of his own,” his heartbroken father said during a news conference. “He literally saved the lives of all four kids.” Another family friend had gone in to attempt to save Bryce but unfortunately perished in the process.

His father claimed that “our family is devastated, and our community is devastated as well.” The event took place in a section of the beach where there were no lifeguards present. A terrible event, but one that sheds light on who Bryce was as a person. When he spotted children in peril, he did not think twice about rushing to their aid and saving them. He risked his life and gave up everything he owned in order to save the younger children.

We are never going to get the chance to watch Bryce mature into the whole man he was going to become. However, we are aware that he behaved like a man in order to save these youngsters, and the fact that he did so makes me very proud,” Crystal Brooks, his mother, said. “It doesn’t take away even a speck of the agony, but it makes me proud of our kid and what he was willing to give up for our country. And I will unquestionably keep that.”