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Bruce Gray Obituary, Kingsport TN Longtime Native Has Sadly Passed Away

Bruce Gray Obituary, Death – These days, kids break my heart. My daughter just sobbedly called to tell me that her best friend had committed suicide. eighth grade believed it would be preferable to end his life. Please take the necessary steps to look after your children’s MENTAL HEALTH, parents! I remember being so concerned for my daughter at one point that I thought she couldn’t possibly be my child ever again.
He forwarded me a video informing me that my daughter’s boyfriend was fine.

And that he constantly adored me. Gray, Bruce You are no longer in pain. Praying for this child’s family and friends since such bullying is dreadful, both seen and unseen. Oh my goodness, that is simply awful! My heart breaks for his family, friends, and parents. God, I’m so young! That young age at which children feel that amount of misery breaks my heart! For youngsters, eighth grade is tough. In our little community, we recently lost a student who was in eighth grade. Someone must figure out a way to make this aspect of their lives easier and more tolerable.

My own kids had difficulties in the eighth grade. I started out in eighth grade. I make an effort to talk about it openly in order to normalize how beneficial receiving assistance may be and how it is good to not feel okay. My family and friends suffered a great deal from what I did, and yet they were prepared to hold me and my suffering in order to keep me here. This still breaks my heart. Middle school was challenging ten years ago; given how different things are now, I can only imagine how much harder. We want to hug her for you.