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Brianna McKoy Obituary, Ricky Trooper's Daughter Dies in Connecticut

Brianna McKoy Obituary, Ricky Trooper’s Daughter Dies in Connecticut

Brianna McKoy Obituary, Death – On Thursday, it was revealed that the daughter of veteran music selector Ricky Trooper had been found unresponsive inside of her condominium in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The location of the incident was not disclosed. Officers were dispatched to the complex at approximately 11:20 in the morning, when it was reported that a 23-year-old woman named Brianna Destiny McKoy was found unresponsive.

The officers investigated the scene and determined that it appeared as though McKoy had been killed by a gunshot wound. The death of McKoy is being examined by the police as a probable homicide, and they have revealed that she knew the person who is suspected of killing her. The police believe that she was the one who killed her. Since then, the individual responsible for the crime has been identified, and the authorities in Bridgeport have made a request to the general public for assistance in locating him.

Trooper, whose actual name is Garfield Mckoy, has not spoken about the passing of his daughter in any public capacity since the tragedy took place. Trooper’s real name is Garfield Mckoy. However, a source that is familiar with the family shared the information that Trooper had a particularly special bond with Brianna, who was referred to as “the apple of his eye” by those who knew the family. Additionally, it was mentioned that Trooper has never skipped Brianna’s birthday or any other significant event in her life.

Trooper shared a picture of his daughter on Instagram when she was younger along with the caption, “Happy Birthday to my Gabby, daddy love you endlessly” on the occasion of Brianna’s last birthday, which was on October 24, 2022. A number of years ago, Brianna had unfortunately passed away. On Thursday, we made many attempts to get in touch with a Trooper’s representative, but we were unable to do so in a timely manner.