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Brandon Malcolm Wiltshire Obituary, Montréal FOOTBALL QUÉBEC (FFAQ) Member Has Passed Away

Brandon Malcolm Wiltshire Obituary, Death – Wiltshire is survived by his wife, Pat Wiltshire, sons Don Wiltshire and Dave Wiltshire, granddaughters Holly (Brandon) Richardson and Shannon Wiltshire, and five great-grandchildren. He is also survived by his brothers Garry (Paula) Wiltshire and Uncle Ed Klein, in addition to a number of nieces and nephews.

On Thursday, September 4, 2014, at one o’clock in the afternoon, a memorial ceremony will be performed at Shoal Creek Cemetery, with Bill Lide serving as the officiant. Sheldon enjoyed taking photographs and listening to music in his spare time. He was the kindest and most concerned friend anybody could have hoped for.

A good number of his friends admired his intellect and appreciated the intelligent chats he had. Composing music, singing, and playing real-life action video games were some of his passions. computers. He was a wealth of knowledge when it came to resolving any issues that arose with the computer. In addition to that, he acquired a liking for preparing elaborate dinners.

Sheldon occupied a particular place in the hearts of both his family and his friends. Everyone he spoke with described him as having a personality that shone as brightly as a star. Both the young and the elderly in his new community in North Carolina were profoundly influenced favorably by him. Let us offer appreciation for a young guy who has succeeded in cultivating a true love passion and taking nothing less in return. It is going to be claimed that “WE LOVED HIM.”

Sheldon instilled a good heart in all of us, which was the source of our laughing. Even after his passing, he continued to give of himself to us. He instilled in us the human courage to pursue peace without fear by bestowing upon us both His compassion and His power. He shared his love with us so that we, too, may share it with others. He sacrificed so that we may give to another, so that there would be no place, no room at all, for the hatred and the arrogance that gathered in that moment when he was taken away from us. He gave so that we could give to another.