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Anne Perry Obituary, Novelist Anne Perry dies aged 84

Anne Perry Obituary, Death- On April 10, 2023, Anne Perry, who wrote Victorian mysteries, Christmas novellas, and most recently 1930s espionage thrillers for Headline, passed away at the age of 84. Perry’s murder novels with William and Hester Monk and Charlotte and Thomas Pitt were her best-known works as a writer. In the bestseller lists of the New York Times, the Globe and Mail, der Spiegel, and Livres Hebdo, some of these books were included.

Over 25 million copies of Perry’s books have been sold globally, according her UK publisher Headline. She is praised by the publisher for “her exploration of social and ethical issues, but also for her enduring characters and historical accuracy.” Since 2006, Clare Foss has served as Perry’s Headline editor. Jane Morpeth initially recruited Clare for the Headline list 30 years ago with the publication of The Face of a Stranger, the first William Monk mystery. Meg Davis of the Ki Agency in the UK served as her main agent, while Donald Maass represented her in New York and Ken Sherman represented her in Los Angeles.

The hardback novel The Traitor Among Us is the fifth in her 1930s espionage thriller series featuring MI6 spy Elena Standish, and the paperback novel The Fourth Enemy is the sixth Daniel Pitt mystery featuring Thomas Pitt’s barrister son. New books in her most recent two series will be released on April 13, 2023. “Anne was a loyal and loving friend, and her writing was driven by her fierce commitment to raising awareness about social injustice,” Perry’s representatives said in a statement.

Her compassion for people forced into untenable situations or overwhelmed by life’s challenges has impacted many readers. Many readers who were going through difficult times themselves found consolation in her characters, which prompted a lot of love among her fans. According to Foss, Anne was a true force of nature with an unrelenting zest for life. Her novels serve as a testament to this wonderful woman. Her devoted followers will miss her dearly. Perry’s brother, Dr. Jonathan Hulme, and his family are still alive.

The author, who went by the name Juliet Hulme when growing up in New Zealand, was found guilty of the infamous crime depicted in the movie “Heavenly Creatures” together with her friend Pauline Parker when they were teenagers. After being released from prison, she departed New Zealand and eventually made her home in Scotland. In a 2003 interview with the Guardian, she spoke about this.