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Andrew Cormack Obituary, Andrew Cormack Has Passed Away

Andrew Cormack Obituary, Death – His absence will be keenly felt by his coworkers at Jisc, as well as by those employed in the industry as a whole and even further afield. Those individuals who were fortunate enough to have worked beside him will always remember him as a person who possessed brilliance, enthusiasm, and warmth. The list of Andrew’s accomplishments is much too long to cover in this article; nonetheless, it is impossible to overstate the significance of the fact that he contributed to making the law more effective in protecting people, data, and systems. This contribution cannot be overstated.

After first joining Jisc in 1999 to assume leadership of JANET CERT, which is now known as Jisc CSIRT, Andrew progressed through the ranks to become the main regulatory adviser. Because of his vast understanding of security, data protection, and the law, as well as his recognized mastery of the interplay between legal and engineering concerns, he is known as one of the most respected specialists in the communities that are concerned with global cyber security and policy. This recognition comes as a result of the fact that he is recognized as having mastered the interplay between legal and engineering concerns.

Andrew, who was a prolific writer and had continued his studies throughout his life, was never too busy to provide his support to his employees. Andrew had continued his education throughout his life. We have already received numerous comments from people all around the world praising him not only for his brilliance but also for the generosity he exhibited as a friend and mentor, and we would want to make it clear that we share these thoughts without any reservations. People have praised him not just for his intellect but also for the generosity he showed as a friend and mentor.