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Alexander Harris Obituary, Myers Park High School Pays Tribute

Alexander Harris Obituary, Death – The loss of Alexander Harris, a senior member of the Barron family, who passed away early this morning has left all of us with a profound sense of bereavement. The news has come as a shattering blow to each and every one of us. We are keeping his family and friends, who are going through this

difficult time, in our thoughts and prayers. We are deeply saddened by the loss that they have suffered. During this difficult time, we will continue to remember them in our thoughts and prayers. We ask that you remember these loved ones in your thoughts and prayers as we reflect on those who have left us and remember those who haven passed away. Barron is held in extraordinarily high respect by his tiny circle of close friends because of his

unwavering dedication, captivating charm, and altruistic attitude. Because of the cumulative effect of all of these characteristics, people hold such a high regard for him as a person. As a result of his demise, a vast number of people who were close to him at our school as well as in the larger community that we all consider to be our home will miss

him intensely and experience a profound feeling of loss. He stood out as a remarkable example of the human race. When he is no longer with us, everyone in this room is going to grievously and profoundly miss him in many different ways. When he is no longer with us, he will be greatly and terribly missed. Those individuals who have indicated that they are interested in attending a

memorial ceremony will be notified via email as soon as additional information regarding the event becomes available once they have specified that they are interested in attending the ceremony. This will take place as soon as new information regarding the event becomes available.